Essay on True Intelligence

Essay on True Intelligence

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True Intelligence
In spite of the fact that intelligence quotient tests have been around for decades, many professionals are attempting to determine the factors and causes behind aptitude. Several options exist to explain or disprove the reasons why some attain above average intellect, while others manage varying degrees less. Some of these alternatives, along with arguments in the general and human intelligence topics, will be found inside the following pages of discussion.
General intelligence is a real process, which involves several distinct elements and skills of reasoning. In the words of Goertzel & Pennachin (2007) “General intelligence is the ability to achieve complex goals in complex environments” (p. 59). Examples of this can be easily found in everyday life, such as an attorney preparing for major case, corporate managers running several stores in different counties, as well as general contractors erecting skyscraper buildings in a downtown area. While some individuals are able to do quite well in such situations, others would be challenged to absolute exhaustion, or could not complete these tasks. Notwithstanding the technical requirements of these professions, the dissimilarity between the results indicated may be attributed to the difference between the general intelligence factors of each subject.
In disagreement with portions of this week’s article, as provided by (Macionis, 2010, pp. 266-267), People living prosperously are not necessarily smarter than those who are less fortunate. While it is true that wealthy people have better educational opportunities, as opposed to their counterparts, many gifted individuals have come from meager beginnings. Such examples clearly bring questions to widely asserted...

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...ce is tenuous at best. A person who is intelligent can also be uneducated. Similarly, the opposite can also be true; therefore, it is my ultimate position that wealthy people are not necessarily smarter than poor people.
In regards to rationalizing inequality, additional testing of human intelligence should in no way encourage the practice of such treachery; but, there are many other honorable uses to continue the search for answers within this field. Since many unfavorable issues exist within social classes, we should proceed responsibly by considering the ramifications of these findings.

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