Essay on The True Happiness Is Activity That Expresses Virtue

Essay on The True Happiness Is Activity That Expresses Virtue

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In the First Book of The Ethics, Aristotle states that “true happiness is activity that expresses virtue.” This idea is expressed that happiness is a state of being, which the world around said mind cannot contribute to this state of being. However, happiness defined during his time is more about achieving and being able to fulfill these virtues and not only look at the instant gratifications in life, such as pleasures in only material form. Happiness seems to be Aristotle’s reason that people tend to aim and “hence the good has been well described as that at which everything aims.” (23, Aristotle) Aristotle saw that neither notions toward happiness, such as wealth, honor or other ordinary pleasures that people tend to lean toward could not find the resolution after human life for the happiness that could always exist. Aristotle argued that even with these pleasures of wealth and honor could not keep the people who acquired it happy and even them will fall back into the status of unhappy or incomplete. This incompleteness can also be connected to the lack of function that Aristotle referred to as the “Soul”. This “Soul” Aristotle referred to is having a variety of a function to be able to be used to perform “good” as a human being.
This “Soul” must be, according to Aristotle, able to express virtue and excellence and in turn human beings, including himself, should live their lives with rational behaviors without the satisfaction of desires that include materialistic goods. Aristotle believed that materialistic goods and basic human desires would in return block a path toward virtue. “Nonetheless, happiness evidently also needs external goods to be added, as we said, since we cannot, or cannot easily, do fine a...

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...y act on reason and reason alone. He also believed that Justice, wisdom and other things cannot exist by itself, but rather can only be experienced if the polar opposite of it. Instead, the wisdom of itself can help extinguish the bodily desires of materialist things in the world to give a temporary happiness. With preparation for death, Socrates believes in achieving ease after death to release the soul from the body with the use of virtues. The virtues we would foster to help accepting death would include Wisdom as well as Courage to embrace death and continue until his last breath. With virtues, Socrates explained, not only can you lead a healthy lifestyle full of self-control and an open mind, but it can also help the soul from not clinging onto the body that in which can be dependant on it, rather death can be rather easy in accepting at the end of one 's life.

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