True Friendships : A Relationship Between Two Or More People Who Care And Respect Each Other

True Friendships : A Relationship Between Two Or More People Who Care And Respect Each Other

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True friendships are a divine relationship between two or more people who care and respect each other. As with relationships, friendships brings support and laughter when life seems to pulls us down. Having close friends are important, because everyone needs someone who will not only have your back, but also tell you when your wrong. Even though having those groups of friends is what everyone desires, sometimes people struggle to make friends. We live in a world were many people tend to serve their own selfish ways, through their friendship. Meaning, they only remain friends with the person if their needs are met. However, I realized that friends can change, and most of our friendship will not last forever. I am 21 years old and I have always struggled with making and keeping friends. As a kid, I used to watch That So Raven. That 's So Raven is a hit live-action sitcom about Raven Baxter, who has the ability to glimpse flashes of the future. In the show she has two best friends named Eddie and Chelsea, who were constantly there for her. They were good listeners and hey cared for each...

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