Essay on The True Cause of the ADHD Epidemic

Essay on The True Cause of the ADHD Epidemic

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Many people in America are not very educated about the false Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) epidemic. There has been a documented rapid increase in diagnoses in the past decade. Many psychological experts believe the proper diagnoses are not being made, and that many of the children being diagnosed today do not actually have ADHD. These experts blame the increase of diagnoses on the current practices of doctors and teachers. Doctors are the ones who write the prescriptions, but teachers inflict fear within the students and parents that can make them believe that they are not preforming sufficiently in class, and that students can do better in school simply if they change their behavior by medication. So who is really to blame for the epidemic of youth being diagnosed with ADHD? Teachers and doctors are both equally responsible for the ADHD Epidemic, although some researchers say it is not an epidemic at all.
One of these experts is Noah Yulish, a professor of Psychology at Yale University, writes about ADHD through the eyes of someone who has been diagnosed with the disorder, in the article “Think Seriously about ADHD.” In his article, he does not place anyone responsible for causing the problem of the mass diagnosing of the disorder, but he prompts the reader to take the disease seriously, because he believe that it is, in fact a real disorder that can affect people’s lives. He goes on to explain the havoc ADHD can create in a person’s life, which includes lack of productivity and problems concentrating in school. On the other hand, the article “Expand Pre-K, Not ADHD” was written by Stephen P. Hinshaw, a professor of psychology at University of California-Berkeley and Richard M. Schieffler, a professor of econom...

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...equency, and how it affects one’s life, that separates the general population from those with ADHD.
What can we do with this information that tells us that ADHD is in fact, a real problem, but that it is being over diagnosed? We must change the education system to allow for more flexibility for students who do not fit the traditional mold. Most importantly, we must prompt others around us to think seriously about the causes and effects of ADHD on one’s life.

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