True Altruism : An Ethical Behavior Essay

True Altruism : An Ethical Behavior Essay

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Nonprofit organizations are usually assumed to carry out their interactions with donors, employees, clients and other partners in an ethical manner, primarily because not-for-profit organizations are seen as serving altruistic purposes (Ingram, n.d.). True altruism focuses on an ethical behavior that results in doing good to people without expecting anything in return. Thus, leaders in non-profits are expected to make decisions that result in the benefit of their clients, rather than themselves. Unfortunately, nonprofits have recently come under a lot of scrutiny because of historical lapses in carrying out the decision-making process in an ethical manner. Non-profit leaders are usually tempted to carry out decisions in the same way as their for-profit counterparts. However, a significant difference between a nonprofit like ImprovedLives and a for-profit is the approach when seeking funding. A for-profit may usually embellish expectations of the impacts of the company’s business activities, but a nonprofit like ImprovedLives will have to accurately display the needs of the clients they serve and how the business is making significant impacts for its clients. It is therefore important that ImprovedLives allow public access to financial audit reports and statements.
Innovation is very important in nonprofit agencies because social services that the economically disadvantaged of a nation depend on are largely delivered through nonprofit organizations. Community-based organizations that are funded by governments in partnerships deliver these social services all over the country. While social needs are rising, the money coming into the nonprofits are not increasing. Therefore, it is important to find innovative ways to cut down the so...

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...opments of creating a common database system is currently taking place at the national level (“VRM | Social Services Databases”, 2009). Despite the benefit of such an innovation initiative, the added risks of multiple changes to a document can affect the data integrity of information stored in the national database. One added benefit of digitizing the information system at ImprovedLives is the reimbursement of 50 percent of costs associated with setting up the new customer database system. The primary condition is that the information system must meet the requirements set by the standards for information systems set by the Department of Health and Humans Services (“VRM | Social Services Databases”, 2009). The project team at ImprovedLives are very confident their information system exceed the expectations of the federal requirements of databases for social services.

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