The Trouble With Gun Control Essay

The Trouble With Gun Control Essay

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The Trouble with Gun Control
We as a country have been caught up lately in the idea that we need to take away people 's guns in order to make people safer. Adolf Hitler once said, “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens (Quotes About).” Do I really need to explain where history seems to be repeating here. What people do not seem to understand is that by trying to control guns, you are just making it easier for those who would mean to do harm to get away with it. This is especially true in states with really strict gun laws.
Politicians have been recently pushing the fact that they want to heavily regulate gun laws in some hope that it will make our country a safer place. This topic is a hot debate right now as political public figures like Hillary Clinton are campaigning that if we let gun control stay the way it is, according to a youtube video of a news show talking about an interview she did, “ We are going to have so many people with guns that are going to be fully licensed, fully validated in settings where they can be in a movie theater and they don’t like somebody chewing gum loudly or talking on their phone and decide they have a perfect right to defend themselves.” (Cupp) I agree with what the news reporter covering the story says after the clip is played. She says that Clinton was more focused on the gum chewers instead of the thousands that die every year in cities where guns are illegal and to focus more on those issues then the made up diversionary tactics used by Mrs. Clinton to gain political support. What people like Mrs. Clinton do not seem to understand is that even though you make guns harder to get for the average joe, criminals are still going to find ways to get the things they need to commit the...

... middle of paper ... in place I can see how some of them can be useful. One example is those with a felony are given a lifetime ban from purchasing a firearm in all three of the states mentioned. Same with those who are committed to a mental hospital. Laws like those are not too constraining and can be seen as reasonable laws to be put into place. However, laws that are meant to restrict people who are just trying to protect themselves are not helping anybody. Through my research of the gun control laws in New York, New Jersey, and California as well as the lack of correlation between the crime rate indexes of these three states compared to my control state of Vermont, I have shown substantial evidence that no matter how strong of gun control laws theses states put into place the crime rate in theses states has little to no correlation between having strong gun control laws in place.

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