Trouble The Water : A Sociological Perspective On Human Behavior Essays

Trouble The Water : A Sociological Perspective On Human Behavior Essays

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Nearly 10 years after hurricane Katrina ravaged through the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas in southern Louisiana, the city is still struggling to recover from the $108 billion caused by damage. Nominated for Academy and Emmy awards, the captivating documentary Trouble The Water analyzes the consequences played both during and following the disastrous events during hurricane Katrina. Such events are displayed using the sociological perspective —the perspective on human behavior and how it connects to society— to understand how poverty, social class, and racial issues are valued in different areas of the United States, especially in these troubled areas. Trouble the Water explores these issues of race, class, and the relationship of the government to its citizens to insight viewers as to how power, social class, and differentiating socioeconomic status had affected those living in poverty.
The theory that best exemplifies the actions that took place between the government and its citizens is through the use of Karl Marx’s conflict theory. The conflict theory views the inequality in society that produces conflict and social change. These factors of inequality include the age, race, sex, and social class of people, and focuses on how groups compete for resources. The main “conflict”, or revolt, results from this documentary, which aired nationally in major theaters and on TV broadcasts to educate America about what was really happening during Hurricane Katrina as the need for change was made public. With the levee systems failing, flooding 80 percent of New Orleans, to the overwhelming lack of control in relief efforts taken after the storm had passed shows how very little effort was given into the protection of lower clas...

... middle of paper ... himself and other on how well they evacuated the city, which was clearly not true. This gives those of higher social class a sense of belonging and importance because they believe that they are helping.
The conflict theory displays this culture of poverty stereotype that singles out the poor as being fundamentally different from the rest of society through assuming they are responsible for their own poverty. Trouble The Water shows firsthand these struggles that the poverty stricken men and woman have to face when the social classes separate from each other. The documentary makes the need for change clear to public by comparing the dominant groups to the minority groups. 10 years after the storm, large areas of New Orleans are still waiting to be rebuilt, which shows how little money and time go into reconstructing and diminishing poverty enriched neighborhoods.

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