Essay about Tropical Storm? I Think Not.

Essay about Tropical Storm? I Think Not.

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Hurricanes are the most destructive natural disaster known to man. They are very powerful and violent storms, mainly associated with strong winds and heavy rains. A storm is classified as a hurricane when the speed of wind reaches seventy-four miles per hour. They usually start stirring up over warm seas, near the equator, and are accompanied by fierce winds, flash floods, mudslides and huge waves. The cause of this all has to do with two basic ingredients: warm air and water. Once these natural disasters strike, they not only affect physical parts of the world, but even the economy.
There are the two main factors that are responsible for causing hurricane storms: Warm water and moist, warm air as mentioned earlier. Hurricanes occur when the moist, warm air from the surface of the ocean rises and meets the cooler air above. In this situation the moist, warm air condenses and forms storm clouds and raindrops. Additionally in the cycle, warmer air from the ocean surface rises and joins the developing storm. In result of this, there is a transfer of heat from the surface of the ocean t...

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