Essay on Tropical Rainforests : Unique And Diverse Ecosystem

Essay on Tropical Rainforests : Unique And Diverse Ecosystem

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Tropical rainforests are an extremely unique and diverse ecosystem that are located around the earth’s equator. They once covered roughly 7% of the world, but due to human encroachment that has dwindled to just 2%. It is a highly moisture rich environment that typically receives anywhere between 60 and 400 inches of rainfall annually and average humidity ranges from 70 to 90%. A high average year round temperature, coupled with the moisture rich environment, creates an ecosystem that allows for a level of biodiversity seen nowhere else on the planet. This also results in a specific type of layering design that allows the system to survive and recycle its nutrients.
The top layers are called the canopy and the emergent layer and they for the largest percentage of biodiversity. Rainforests account for almost 50% of all biodiversity on the planet and almost 90% of that is contained in the upper portions. The large trees are interconnected through a series of vines that act as a road system and it allows the various insects and animals to travel freely throughout the canopy. The treetops are a dense network of large, leafy coverings that allow very little sunlight to leak through to the forest floor. The abundant sunlight at this layer creates a very rich resource abundance that supports the many organisms that make it their home. This also means that plants other than trees are forced to adapt in order to flourish in the light deprived environment below the canopy.
The lower levels of plants exist in a layering system that is dictated by their sunlight needs. Leaves on these plants are large and broad to allow the absorption of the limited sunlight. The ground level here contains very little plant litter when compared to...

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...he use of smaller shipping roads by logging companies can also reduce their negative footprint in these areas. Tree plantations can help to restore areas already devastated by logging operations. Governments and organizations need to shift their mindset to see reforestation efforts as an investment in their future.
While tropical rainforests account for a relatively small percentage of land acreage, their benefits to the rest of the world are boundless. The loss of these benefits will continue to increase unless drastic changes are made. Every ecosystem is intertwined and when one begins to decline it will only lead to a decline of the others. Preservation and restoration of tropical rainforests are of the utmost importance in terms of slowing, and potentially reversing, the negative effects of climate change caused by the loss of the earth’s natural resources.

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