Tropical Rainforest and Its Challenges Essay

Tropical Rainforest and Its Challenges Essay

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1.1 Tropical rainforest and its challenges

Tropical rainforest can be found near the the equator, the average rainfail is over 110 inches per year and consistently in warm temperature at about 25°C to 27C° and vary little from month to month (Molles, 2005). This warm temperature creates suitable condition for plant growth and variety of animal species to live there. The condition of rainforest made it can harboured higher diversity of organism than any other terrestrial biome. Even it only cover over two percent of earth surface but at least half of plant and animal species has be recorded from all over the world in tropical rainforest (Corlett and Primack, 2008).
Besides that, rainforest also contribute to human economy by provide raw material, timber, foods and so on. A single rainforest may support several thousand species of insects. Most rain forest plant species depend to animal, from bats, bird, butterflies and bees for pollination of flower. According to Molles (2005), rainforest soils are often nutrient-poor, acidic low in organic matter. However, rainforest plants are adapted at conserving (Corlett and Primack, 2008).nutrients by beneficial partnership call mycorrhizae.
Nowadays, tropical has been threatened, anthropogenic activity such as deforestation rainforests cause disappearing of tropical rainforest at an alarming rate, more than half of rainforest has been cut for the last century, there is about 2,000 trees per minutes are cut down in rainforest from all over the world (Corlett and Primack, 2008). . The increasing industrialization and human population densities are so worrisome, this will place additional pressure on both the physical environment and on biodiversity of remaining rainfore...

... middle of paper ... was noted as new record in Peninsular Malaysia. Moreover, there is also few species of uncertain status.

1.5 Significance of this study
Odonata is one of the bio indicators of the environment that show us which one of the habitat that contain the good environment. By studying the temporal changes in Odonata community, it gives information about the health of ecosystem. Moreover, this study also gives information relationship the Odonata community and factors that influence it. Thus, helping in monitoring and managing the environment and conservation of Odonata community.

1.6 Objective of this study
The major aim of this study
I. To compare the diversity of Odonata community between previous study (2005/2006) and the present study (2012/2013).
II. To study the relationship between temporal changes of Odonata community between 6 years and environments factors.

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