Essay on Triumph Through Adversity

Essay on Triumph Through Adversity

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Award-Winning author Laura Hillenbrand writes of the invigorating survival story of Louie Zamperini in her best selling book, Unbroken. Louie Zamperini was an ambitious, record-breaking Olympic runner when he was drafted into the American army as an airman during World War II. On the mission that led him to embark on a journey of dire straits, Louie’s plain crashed into the Pacific Ocean, leaving only him and two other crewmen as survivors. Stranded on a raft in shark infested waters, without any resources or food, and drifting toward enemy Japanese territory, the men now have to face their ultimate capture by Japanese, if they survive that long. Louie responded to his desperation with dexterity, undergoing his plight with optimism and confidence, rather than losing hope. In this memorable novel, Hillenbrand uses a vivid narrative voice to divulge Louie’s tale of endurance, and proves that the resilience of the human mind can triumph through adversity.
When Louie was stranded on the raft, he never let circumstance get the better of him. The three survivors, Louie, Phil, and Mac, all had completely differing perspectives of their trouble. Louie and Phil stayed optimistic, while Maxc slowly deteriorated along with his hope. Hillenbrand wrote that "It remains a mystery why these three young men, veterans of the same training and same crash, differed so radically in their perceptions of their plight. Maybe the difference was biological; some men may be wired for optimism, others for doubt... Perhaps the men's histories had given them opposing convictions about their capacity to overcome adversity... Though all three men faced the same hardship, their differing perceptions of it appeared to be shaping their fates. Louie and Phil's ...

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... his life to preach and share his experience in World War II. He even visited his Japanese tormentors, now imprisoned and facing trial, and forgave them. Louie proved that it is possible to redeem yourself, and people who keep an optimistic mind during times of hardship are the ones who overcome it.
Hillenbrand tells Louie's story with an imagery that all readers can connect with. Her use of pathos made it easy to relate with Louie's journey, and created an excellent story. Louie's tale showed that anyone can triumph through adversity if they have the right mindset. Despite being stranded on a raft without food or water, witnessing his friends and fellow soldiers die, being captured and tortured by Japanese, and having to live with these horrors in his memory for his whole life, Louie always managed to keep his hope. In the end, this is what allowed him to survive.

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