Essay on The Triumph Of Improvisation By James Wilson

Essay on The Triumph Of Improvisation By James Wilson

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James Wilson’s book The Triumph of Improvisation evaluates the Cold War and the leaders who were in power at that time. Wilson examines the political leaders and their slow willingness to work toward a common goal to overcome the Cold War, would be attributed to the leniency yet narrow mind-set of President Reagan and Gorbachev. Wilson’s thesis that there was more than a set plan that helped Reagan with his campaign to end the Cold War but rather, it was his adaptability and willing to engage circumstances which would arise in a moments notice. Wilson effectively supports his thesis through the chronology of his book and his ability to address the many events and scenarios Reagan had to overcome in the wake of the Cold War. Wilson’s only setback was that he failed to speak to the moments in which Reagan was forced to improvise rather than continue with his original plans to be steadfast against communism.
The chronological order of the Triumph of Improvisation is its most helpful feature. The way in which Wilson designed the organization of the book allows for a concise and coherent understanding of the period as a whole. The chronology is set up so that each chapter focuses on a certain number of years. Wilson’s chapters are set up to address certain years while he does backtrack he never goes all the way back to where he began with the book for a long period of time. Some of his chapters backtrack by a year or two to show how the past years were influencing the years in which Reagan and other politicians at the time were affected by the past. In chapter three (1982-1985) Wilson explains the ways in which Shultz worked to talk about nuclear weapons with the Soviets, and the effects it had upon Reagan’s hopes toward peace. The n...

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...’s book provides a unique and interesting look into Reagan’s presidency and active role in the United States’ foreign relations and policies. While the book has a few setbacks, it is still a good piece of history that explains the struggle of bringing an end to the Cold War. It does not only focus on the United States, but the entirety of Europe. The Triumph for Improvisation is a book that is not only fascinating, but also a book that analyzes the Cold War rather than summarizing it. It looks at the specific decisions, meetings, and predicaments both the Soviet Union and the United States were forced to reconcile with. The way in which Wilson portrays the two countries and their leaders is informative and proves his thesis effectively, that the two countries while at odds, were willing to cooperate and work with one another while slowly bending their original views.

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