The Trip Of The Road Trip Essay

The Trip Of The Road Trip Essay

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Road trips were the highlight of my summers when I was young. It was a ritual I looked forward to in the summertime because it meant my family and I would travel to other cities and states. My mother was always in charge of choosing the destination, while my father would be in charge of all the driving. Somehow my father approved of that. Once I knew where we were going, I would start packing right away even if we had months left. I still don 't know why I did that, maybe because of all the excitement I had. A day before leaving my dad would make sure our, then 2001 Toyota RAV4, was good to go. Meaning he would check the oil, tire pressure, coolant, etc. My top two locations where my family and I traveled to were Los Angeles, California and Florence, Oregon. 
Los Angeles, California is home to nearly 4,000,000 people. About the same population as Oregon. My family has been to L.A. about five times. California has a lot of touristic attractions including but not limited too; Disneyland, Six Flags, Universal Studios, in 'n out (now we have one in Medford), and Santa Monica pier. Out o...

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