Trigger Warnings, By Sam Dylan Finch Essay

Trigger Warnings, By Sam Dylan Finch Essay

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WARNING This paper contains information about trigger warnings and/or their use in classrooms which maybe triggering to people with strong opinions for or against them. A trigger warning is a stated warning that the content of a text, video, class, etc., may offend some people, particularly those who have experienced a related trauma. The argument over trigger warnings is very controversial, there are some people that feel like they are absolutely necessary in almost every situation and there are others who believe it’s being taken out of context and they shouldn’t be a part of everything we see in life. The trigger warnings debate is a deep topic with very valid points both ways, although some people really may need trigger warnings, they just seem to be used in unnecessary situations and are starting to become over used.
In the article, “When You Oppose Trigger Warnings, You’re Really Saying These 8 Things”, written by Sam Dylan Finch, the main focus is, trigger warnings are absolutely necessary and there is no reason to not include them. Finch talks about his friend who survived a suicide attempt and she followed her next few years with avoiding material that included anything to do with suicide because she had post-traumatic stress and viewing any of that material would cause her to have a panic attack. Finch believes life is difficult as is for survivors and people shouldn’t make it harder on people wit PTSD by not adding warnings to their content. The article explains how adding a warning is a simple task and not including one shows how ignorant you are. In the opinion of Finch trigger warnings don’t censor anything they’re just a heads up, like labeling the deep end of pool.
In the article “Trigger Happy”, by Jenny...

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...for the rest of their life they never wanted to touch the road again so they end up never moving on. Sure, the traumatic experience of a sexual assault or any other experience that can cause PTSD is nowhere getting into a minor car accident, but you get the point. In my intro to criminal justice class, the teacher shows us pictures of dead people, videos of murders, and stories of the sick things criminals do. My professor does not give a warning telling us not to show up if we feel like well be offended or freak out from the things that are going to be discussed, it isn’t necessary to state a trigger warning because he lets us voice our opinions after, and no one has a problem with it. In the end, PTSD is a serious disorder, but we shouldn’t hold anyone back, it won’t be easy and it will take time but getting over a traumatic event will be worth it in the end.

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