The Triangular Trade Was The Fundamental Foundation Of Economic And Social Developments Of The United States

The Triangular Trade Was The Fundamental Foundation Of Economic And Social Developments Of The United States

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The Triangular Trade was the fundamental foundation of many economic and social developments of this nation. However, this historical turning point in America’s history did not develop overnight. In Africa, the practice of enslavement had been occurring internally for centuries, but as the Triangular Trade developed between the Old World and New World, the slave labor system transformed and began to become an integral part of many nation’s economic systems. As the demand for agricultural products, such as tobacco and sugar, increased, the Atlantic Slave Trade also expanded as the need for laborers proliferated. Thus, the Triangular Trade was the building blocks of the United States, economically affected the world, and ultimately impacted racial challenges we are having in today’s society.
The most significant functionality of the Triangular Trade was the exchange and process of slavery. Even though, slavery had existed internally in Africa for centuries, once European nations became involved they utilized the slave labor system to benefit from power and wealth associated with slave trade. Therefore, the Atlantic-slave trade altered the African slave trade as the practice spread out globally to the New World. The Americas benefited from the slave trade because the production rates of raw materials increased due to the slaves working in the large-scale plantations. However, the slave trade cause many social repercussions in Africa such as, violent actions, separation of families, and expansion of diseases. Furthermore, the decrease in population was extraordinary considering without the slave trade the population of Africans in 1850 would be one hundred million Africans rather than fifty million. Most individuals who were captured...

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...he social repercussions of bringing slavery in the United States via Triangular Trade needs to remain heavily embedded in our history courses in order to prevent recurrences of social oppression for future generations.
In conclusion, the three-legged trade was a triangular route specially developed to have an organized system of trading manufactured goods, raw materials, and slaves internationally among three continents. The ramifications are a significant impact on not only the development of the United States but also the world. These advanced trading techniques allowed interconnection across the Atlantic ocean and eventually lead to the expansion of industrializing. The Triangular Trade was a constituent part of developing our nation, positively and negatively impacted the world’s economy, and brought slavery in the United States resulting in social divisions.

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