Essay on The Trial Home Visit On The United States

Essay on The Trial Home Visit On The United States

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This week I met with a mother and father that have been working through the reunification process for the past eleven months. The parents were excited that they had been informed by the FCM that the children would possibly start the trial home visit on December 23rd provided the parents continue to make progress and provided there are no issues that come about. Both the parents expressed feeling confident that the children would be able to start the trial home visit on the provided date. The mother stated that they had done everything that they could and had worked very hard for their children to get to come home and it was simply time. The father stated that they had accomplished all of their goals. Although I was aware, I asked the mother what the family needed to accomplish for the children to begin the trial home visit. The mother responded that they needed to get a crib and “stuff for the children’s bedroom.” I agreed that those things were important. I then asked the father the same question. The father’s answer was much different as he began listing all of the recommendations that DCS had made to the courts such as obtaining and maintaining housing, employment, and sobriety, completion of parenting education, substance abuse treatment, and several different assessments. I made a list of the items that both of the parents listed. Then we checked off the things that had been completed such as the assessments, highlighted the list of items that needed to be maintained, and circled the items that were still a need. Out of the 13 items that needed to be accomplished for the children to begin the trial home visit, 6 items had been accomplished with 3 of those needing to be maintained, 4 items had not been accomplished including p...

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... situation allowed me to practice implementing motivational interviewing techniques, active listening skills, and interpersonal skills as I engaged with the clients. In addition, I feel that I was able to successfully displayed empathy for the clients allowing them to feel supported and understood which increased their willingness to accept that there were still tasks that needed to be completed. Furthermore, I minimally engaged in policy practice when discussing the process of DCS, the recommendations that DCS made to the courts, and judge accepting those recommendations as terms for reunification when he signed the court order. More importantly, I was able to collect and organize the data that the clients were providing to reach mutually agreed-on interventions that would allow the family to continue to work towards accomplishing the goals that were established.

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