The Trial And Death Of Socrates Essay

The Trial And Death Of Socrates Essay

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In the world, many people doesn’t have interest in philosophy or books which are having subject of philosophy, and I was one of that people. However, it is good to know little bit about philosophy and what the main concern is. Socrates, who is one of best philosopher from ancient Greek, and he is one of typical philosopher that we can hear from any border of philosophy. ‘The Trial and Death of Socrates’ is the book that written by Plato, who is one of followers of Socrates, and book is divided into four parts which includes ‘Euthyphro’, ‘Apology’, ‘Crito’ and ‘Phaedo’ which is death scene of Socrates. And I want to talk about my opinion from book of Euthyphro and Crito.
For reading from Euthyphro, Euthyphro is a conversation about Piety between Socrates and a young man whose name is Euthyphro. Beginning of Euthyphro, both two guys meet on the courts. Socrates is under indictment by Meletus for corrupting young peoples and not believing in gods in that the city believes, Euthyphro’s business at court is that he prosecuting his father for the murder of a slave. Beginning of dialog, Socrates and Euthyphro, are trying to protect themselves from their situation. Socrates’s pleading is that complaining to the Athenians about giving wisdom to peoples from wise guy which is himself. And Euthyphro is trying to justification about his prosecuting. From that conversation, few main questions were argued between Euthyphro and Socrates.
First question that Socrates asked to Euthyphro was about Piety. Euthyphro claimed that piety is a things that what he just did. Which is prosecuting people who did illegal or dishonest things. And against to the Socrates, he said things that can make gods happy is pious, and things that are not is the impiou...

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...He was on alert about preaching non-truth by peoples and he bring peoples to their senses that they are ignorance about truth. Also, not only he remained firm in his solution even though suggestion was made by his friend to help him to get out from prison, but also he keep argued about philosophy and truth in the prison. First thought that I got from action that made by Socrates was incomprehensible. Also, I was not able to understand about the truths and wisdoms that philosopher wants. But after understanding on Socrates’s strong thought, it was little bit understandable. Even though, I’m not a philosopher or person who really interest on truth of living, having strong thought about my myth or study, can be the most important thing to keep till die. For me, as a Christian, I have strong faith on God and I will never lose it even if I die, like how Socrates did.

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