Trevor Blair-The Musical Revolutionist Essay

Trevor Blair-The Musical Revolutionist Essay

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Trevor Blair-The Musical Revolutionist
Trevor Blair enjoys working with bands that take their careers seriously and are determined to reach their career goals. Blair’s Battle of The Bands doubled as a preparation field to observe bands that are driven and focused on their music. As the owner and C.E.O. of Revolutionary Entertainment Trevor balances the roles of being the owner and C.E.O. along with the daily tasks required to producing a successful event by remaining focused and remembering to have fun.

Revolutionary Entertainment is state of mind. These non-conformists do not adhere to other people’s nonsense never adhering to what people are telling them about their vision and how to reach their goal in life is impossible. Even when a reason as to the person not being able to accomplish their goal is cited the Revolutionary Entertainment state of mind applies because you as a musician have to believe in yourself. “It was funny I was speaking with a someone recently and they kept on telling me why this idea that I had wouldn’t work, and I said well let’s try it this way, and they said no that won’t work either, and I said well maybe we could line it up this other way so that it can still happen, and this person was still focused on not being flexible to see the over all BIG picture,” Trevor put in plain words. If the producer of the show meets any obstacles then he practices what he preaches because believing in your purpose is important. Blair went on to say, “I finally had to explain to him that what I do is I create something huge and powerful out of nothing. And that I will never here someone say no because I only hear possibilities of different ways things can work out.” The person to whom he was refereeing to was your...

... middle of paper ... like an endangered species and the species many people Southern California love most will rally to ensure the indie scene does not die out. The owner/C.E.O. balances his work by having fun and surrounds himself with the hungriest artists wiling to take their dreams to the next level. The music revolution Blair is setting in place allows independent musicians to flourish by everyone from mangers to musicians and producers working together to launch productive shows. The mover and shaker has a long way to go before hosting a free show at the Staple Center and every show in the meantime will make the future festival that more an important building block. Never let anyone dictate your dreams and be a musical revolutionist who challenges successful mainstream bands to continue to work hard allowing everyone the opportunity to be apart of a great musical community.

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