Essay about Trends Are Come And Go

Essay about Trends Are Come And Go

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Trends are come and go. There is always something new just around the corner and in a couple years what we think is good now, won’t be later on. Trends and fads aren’t just exclusive to fashion and technology but also how we, as a society function. Social trends either change within weeks or over a couple of decades. One trend that has been slowly changing is letting children grow up without forcing them into specific gender roles. The norm is/was for girls were usually only allowed to play with dolls, pretend to be housewife, and wear bright, glittery colors, boys however, got to play with Legos, be doctors, scientist, and wear dark colors. That was the set up for so many generations. However, there have been changes, modern, new-age parents are letting go of the ridiculous set up.
Adults are the biggest problem when it comes to instilling gender roles into children. Not just when parents tell their kids “hey stop playing with that. That’s for (opposite gender),” but also the way toys are marketed from design, commercials, store set up. In the past the males and females were separated, it was a more conservative time. But times are changing, with the rise and awareness of gender equality. It’s not only changing what adults can do but the lives of children as well. New age parents know how limiting it is to force gender roles onto children. They don’t want their child to be limited, they want them to accomplish great things being whatever they want. So they are letting their kid play and be creative.
Modern parents know that the sky won’t crumble, the world won’t end when they raise their children out of the gender only box. The universe won’t react, people around the children will. Which is what happened to Katie, a young girl ...

... middle of paper ...

...they raise them” “my family my rules” or “people are making too much fuss out of this” but there is a reason there is a fuss. A lot of people are saying something but they know society doesn’t fit that small mole anymore. Everyone is aware of the damages and of what’s happening and that it affects not only who they are but how they interact with their peers. That’s when it becomes a bigger issue of not the child’s own personal success but also the success of others and gender equality. There even was a recent commercial from Verzion called “Inspire her mind” where the main girl was told from when she was very young that she was pretty and wasn’t allowed to do “guy things” and she eventually stopped exploring science things she liked and ended up focusing on her looks. Calling out the old way of thinking and focusing on how much impact gender roles have on children.

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