The Trends And Events Surrounding The Irish And German Immigration Movements

The Trends And Events Surrounding The Irish And German Immigration Movements

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The Market Revolution
1.Discuss the issues and events surrounding the Irish and German immigration movements of the 1840s and 1850s. What is “nativism”?
-Nativism is when massive immigration of the Europeans to America inflamed the prejudices of American nativists. The Americans opposed to the immigrants due to religion. Many of the Europeans were Catholics. Protestants and Catholics were involved in riots.
The Irish immigrated to the United States because the Potato femine was destroyed. They were too poor. The Germans immigrated to the United States due to political refuge.

2. Describe the early textile industry, and be sure to mention Slater, Whitney, Howe, and the “factory girls.”
-In 1791, Samuel Slater built the first textile mill to make fabric. Two years later, Eli Whiteney invented the cotton gin. The cotton gin allowed faster production. In 1846, Elias Howe invented the sewing machine. The invention of the sewing machine, lead towards the clothing industry. The factory girls were young women who were unmarried who worked long shifts in factories.
3. Describe the early-mechanized farming industry, and be sure to mention Deere and McCormick.
John Deere produced a steel plow.

4. Describe the early transportation and communications industries, and be sure to mention Fulton, Clinton, and Morse.
-The Cumberland Road was the first national road. Robert Fulton invented the steamboat. The steamboat linked allowed faster transportation. Dewitt Clinton had the idea of building a canal. He built the Erie Canal which contributing to New York becoming the most important city. Samuel Morse invented the telegraph, which allowed communication from miles away.

Reform Movements

1.Describe the most important rel...

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...ka would be a free state and Kansas mostly likely be a slavery state. This will put slavery in the North. This new act overturned the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850. There was a line that indicated the above state would be no slavery, but below the line would be slavery. The Kansas-Nebraska undoes the compromises by allowing popular sovereignty.

How did it help destroy the Whigs, severely injure the Democrats, and give birth to the Republicans?
-The Whig Party was going downhill with the Election of 1852. The Kansas-Nebraska Act permanently destroyed the Whig Party and tore the Democrat party. This was due to the pro-slavery and anti-slavery issues. The Democratic Party had their last democratic president in 1856. Former Whigs and free soilers formed the new party, Republican Party. Abraham Lincoln was the founder of the Republican Party.

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