The Trend Of Falling Crime Rates Essay

The Trend Of Falling Crime Rates Essay

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In today’s world of crime, violent crime rates are decreasing according to statistical data released by URC (Uniform Crime Report). According to the researcher in 2010, violent crime dropped almost 6 %.( Clear, Cole & Reisig, 2013). In 2011, violent crimes rates were the lowest it had been in the past 40 years. Falling crime rates is the one element that affects corrections within the criminal justice system. With falling crime rates there is no sure indicator that the correction system will shrink, but it’s apparent that crime that was once on the rise is now on the decline. This paper will explore the current trends of falling crime rates reflecting on fixed sentencing, national trends, and declining violent crime rates from the 1990s and beyond.
Correcting crime rates is not straight forward. From the early 2000s, the correction system grew but crime rates fell. The drop in crime rates will have an impact on corrections in one way or another. No one can really estimate how long the decline will last. Indeterminate sentencing dominated the United States criminal justice system prior to 1970’s. Justice focused on rehabilitation of offenders through work and education programs. Judges used their discretion to decide which offenders would be able to participate in these programs. When the rehabilitation was completed, the offender would be ready for release. The sentencing model was related to the criminal centered approach. This approach was designed to punish the offender. Prior to the timeframe of the 1970”s, imprisonment due to crime caused the rate to rise, but as time moved forward the crime rates began to fall. Fixed sentencing reforms impacted change in imprisonment rates over a pe...

... middle of paper ... trends, and a decline in violent crimes contribute to the falling crime rate. Indeterminate sentencing, mandatory minimums, and three strikes ruling also play a part in the falling crime rates as well. These three components assure that offenders are behind bars longer, thus elevating the chance of re-offending and contributing to the rise in the crime rate.

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