Essay on The Trend Of Applying Neuroscience Research

Essay on The Trend Of Applying Neuroscience Research

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What is the trend?
The trend of applying neuroscience research in educational settings is one that is both controversial and misunderstood, yet it is enduring. Neuroscience can be defined as “a branch of the life sciences that deals with the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, or molecular biology of nerves and nervous tissue and especially with their relation to behavior and learning,” (Merriam-Webster). Teachers and schools systems are held accountable for student learning and the world is watching. Never before has there been a more demanding and difficult time to be an educator, and never before have there been such technological advances to help understand the complexities of the brain and how it learns. Therefore, there is an increased devotion to the study of the brain and how it impacts learning. The field of neuroscience is no longer a group of inquisitive scientists simply curious about the mysteries of the mind, but rather scientists, educators, and government officials working in unison to utilize neuroscience research to combat problems in education. New findings in neuroscience have come with such interest and momentum that in the past ten years an international symposium on Brain Science and Education has been established with twenty-six different conferences attended by thousands of scientists, politicians, and educators all over the world (Kobayashi).
The past few decades have been monumental in the research of the human brain. In fact, many scientists claim that the twenty-first century is “the century of the brain,” (Kobayashi). Combined with the advances of technology and specialized degree programs, neuroscience and education is now a legitimate scientific field. Many researchers, both in neuroscience and e...

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...d other learning disabilities long before they begin school (Goswami, 12). This enables parents to be proactive in their approach to intervention.
There are many neuroscience-based curricula out there; some just add the label brain-based learning, while others are more widely accepted and researched. One of the most noted neuroscience-based curriculum programs is Science Learning’s Fast ForWord, which was developed by neuroscientists and boasts over 250 research studies that prove this program helps struggling learners and English Language Learners build foundational and cognitive skills in language, literacy, reading, memory, sequencing, and paying attention (Science Learning). According to the New Horizons Journal, a publication of Johns Hopkins University, Fast ForWord has been applied in the classroom with great success since the early 1990s (Tokuhama-Espinosa).

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