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Trench Warfare And The War Essay

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The first world war was defined by the heavy use of trench warfare, as the decorated soldier and writer Segfried Sassoon observed, “the war was mainly a matter of holes and ditches” (the great war, modern memory). Trench warfare was primarily utilized due for protection from opponent small arms fire and shelter from artillery, they kept soldiers on both sides safer and reduced casualties. Despite these benefits and many more, various primary and secondary sources can be used to question their efficacy. This essay will delve into the advantages and disadvantages of trench warfare, how these shaped the experience of a soldier fighting in the trenches, and how these experiences differed for soldiers in the Central Powers and the Triple Entente.

advantages of trench warfare

As modern war technologies developed, the advantages to trench warfare became more apparent. Trench warfare is a style of battle in which opposing forces dig trenches across from each other and fight in close quarters. Trenches were dug in zig-zag patterns and crenellations to increase the protection against the opponent. Fighting in such conditions proved to be extremely brutal. Though a savage form of warfare, trenches were advantageous in comparison to traditional battlefield style war during this time. First, it offered many strategic benefits. With the advent of modern weaponry such as heavy artillery and machine guns, trench warfare became prominent on the western front out of necessity. Traditional tactics armies have used for centuries prior were now outdated and would prove to be a strategic disaster if implemented in WW1. Armies had such strong confidence for trenches that they were willing to stand guard every dawn and wait for opponent attacks whi...

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Trenches were filthy by nature. Trenches were infested with rats which scavenged for every little piece of edible matter left by soldiers. These rats were hosts of contagious diseases and lice.
Due to high risk of health decline while living in trenches, soldiers, on both sides, had to follow strict sanitary regimenes or potentially face fatal consequences. [add this before second part, make sure to differentiate from conditions of french and german trenches]

Trenches were sometimes the very reason why fatalities occurred. Trenches were essential just holes in the ground. Sometimes the only thing supporting them was just the dirt that made them up. The French were especially susceptible to cave-ins because their trenches were the most primitive due to having the build the trenches that spanned a vast distance (cite the lecture on wednesday) EDIT THIS SENTENCe.  

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