Essay on The Treaty Of Versailles And The Rise Of Fascist Leaders

Essay on The Treaty Of Versailles And The Rise Of Fascist Leaders

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The continuation of nationalism fuels the rise of fascist leaders leading to countries trying to prove superiority over each other. The tension when the US’s economy collapses due to paying back damage and debt from war which causes other countries economy to fail as well. Germany was given the war guilt clause to pay for the war debts causing them to be even more bitter towards the Alliances and leads to the Age of Anxiety. Politically, limited militaries(Document 7), Germany forced to pay reparations(Document 4) and was required to have many other limits due to the Treaty of Versailles(Document 12) due to lack of self-determination which led to the rise of fascism(Documents 5, 9, and 11) contributed to the start of the second world war. Unfortunately, Germany had no say to what was forced upon them which caused Germany to be bitter with the Alliances. Culturally, most countries were left with havoc after total war leaving their people with great suffering(Documents 1 and 6) and allowing citizens to turn to extreme nationalism(Documents 3 and 10). The spending of credit on developments of technology(Document 2) without regulation caused the stock market to crash(Document 8) while still in debt with the reparations. If Germany and other defeated countries were allowed a say to what happened to them instead of demanded peace then the second war would have not happened.
As World War One entangled in alliances based on their prior WW1 alliances, countries struggled to maintain complete self-determination. Which the Allied Powers restricted their militaries(Document 7), the loosing Central Powers were greatly limited by the Treaty of Versailles(Document 12), in that Germany was forced to take blame for the war and were ordered to pay...

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...only country that hasn 't been able to voice their opinion, every punishment from the Alliances has been enforced upon them. With the Great Depression and stocks crashing as well as debt from war, the US and many other countries were left in poverty.
The Age of Anxiety is the time period of fascist leaders, economic depressions, and more violence after WW1 worsening the tension between all the countries. The military, Treaty of Versailles(including the war guilt clause), and the rise of fascism and totalitarian ideas are the most significant political factors leading up to WW2. Due to the previous world war, cultures were very limited and were unable to rebuild themselves leaving them to turn to extreme nationalist leaders. Countries were previously in debt and when the stock market crashes the tension builds even more leading the world to break out into another war.

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