Essay on The Treaty Of The Cold War

Essay on The Treaty Of The Cold War

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NSC-68 was a document that considers the key document for the cold war. The cold war was a term called for the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union. It was like a race in military expenditure and scientific researchers. This document was considered a top secret document, and it called the United States to take action to catch the developing power of the Soviet Union.
In the beginning, the document gave a background about the crisis. It mentioned two important factors that caused a changing in the power distribution after the World War II. The first factor was the loss of Japan and Germany in World War II. Also, the breaking down of Great Britain and France Empires caused a rising up of the United States and the USSR as a new power in the world. The second factor was the illiberal faith of the Soviet Union and the desire to control over the world. Moreover, the document mentioned the Soviet Union continued to develop the atomic weapon without caring to desire of the people for relief from this weapon. Then, it mentioned the main purpose of the Unites States. The purpose was to maintain the safety of their free society. Also, the document said the design of the Kremlin was to maintain their power. It said the goal of the Soviet Union was to destroy any government that opposite their ideology, including the United States because they consider the United States as the main threat to them. The document claimed that the world was in danger because of the fear of atomic war. It suggested the United States should take a response to that threat. The object should be to create a world based on “the principle of consent.” After that, the document gave a comparison between political, psychological, and military capabi...

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...ited States in a competition with the Soviet Union. I think the call for the United States to take action was because the United States was the only free power that was not very affected from the World War II. I think that competition helped the United States to develop in all fields. It pushed the United States to develop its defenses, weapons, and military plans in order to stay superior to the Soviet Union. The Document suggestions were very helpful. Also, the document contains many warnings of war with the Soviet. I think that warning was exaggerated because the Soviet Union also had a caution from the United States. After the United States atomic attack on Japan, I think the Soviet Union didn’t prefer to enter direct war with the United States. Overall, the document was useful and it contributed developing the United States and a collapse of the Soviet Union.

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