The Treaty Of Rome And The European Union Law Essay

The Treaty Of Rome And The European Union Law Essay

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One of the important concepts of the common market is that EU workers must be able to move freely from one Member State to another without restriction. Free movement of workers is one of the fundamental freedoms in the European Union law (EU) and it is closely linked to European Citizenship. Free movements of EU workers have developed from the Treaties of Rome, alongside free movements for goods, for capital and of service. Pre-World War I in 1914, there was practically no border controls nor was there restrictions to labour movement across the land and throughout the war everything changed, border control was introduced as a form of security purposes and this led to the use of passports/visas. After World War II in 1940s, Europe began to recover and started to have economic growth, workers were needed to help the process of economic recovery, and this led to the creation of Treaty of Rome and since then the Europe has enjoyed time of peace and recovery. The Treaty of Rome was created on 1957 and the purpose of this was to set up the European Economic Community (EEC) and the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM). The signing of the Treaty Rome bought about the extension of European integration to include the general economic collaboration.

The establishment of the Treaties was seen as the establishment of an economic union between the people of Europe after the World Wars 1 and 2, to encourage labour mobility. The Treaty of Rome did not provide a general right of free movements to everybody, it was intended for economic activity, nonetheless the context of the treaties left space for interpretation as a result over the years European citizens have managed to push the boundaries by challenging Members States decisions in...

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...antity of illegal drugs.

In conclusion this chapter demonstrates that free movement for EU workers benefits both the workers and the host member states economy. The main aim of the freedom is to promote the development of the economy and to build solidarity. This freedom is not provided for everybody, it is only available to those who chose to exercise the freedom for the purpose of economic activities, and it plays an important role in the creation of the single market. The development of free movement of workers has brought changes on how people who exercise this freedom are viewed, workers are no longer viewed as factors of production needed to fill in the aims of common market in fact they are seen as EU citizens with rights enforceable against the host state. These freedoms have given people the opportunity to move around in search of better living standard.

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