Treatment Using Stem Cells Essay

Treatment Using Stem Cells Essay

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Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, or cells that can differentiate into different cells. Stem cells are often divided into two different classes: embryonic and adult. Adult stem cells can turn into many, but not all, cells, allowing these cells to be used in the treatment of some problems. Because of this, adult stem cells are often considered “multipotent”. Embryonic stem cells can become any type of cell and any organ, creating great optimism in medical fields. Because of this, embryonic stem cells are often considered “ pluripotent”. Although there are great developments that can come out of stem cell research, there exist many problems that concern many, but not necessarily most, people. These include the classic arguments concerning whether or not an embryo can be considered “ human” and whether or not lawmakers have any right to prohibit or inhibit scientific development.
Many people like to provide others with their input into the topic of stem cell research. Lawmakers love to do so through their ideological inputs into the arguments in order to create more arguments while, hopefully, supporting their constituents. Many people like to involve themselves with something that they do not really care about just because. Other people like to involve themselves in order to push a personal agenda, be it political or religious. When it comes to stem cell research, the people that are actually effected and whose opinions really matter are the investors, the scientists, and, possibly, the embryos.
The easiest group of people to consider is the investors. Aside from the people who provide the funds for the research, investors include the people who give their genetic information to the research, including their eggs. For these inv...

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...sed for stem cell research cannot develop into properly surviving individuals. The embryos that are being used for stem cell research were developed for the sole purpose of harvesting stem cells. The method used for the creation of the embryos was made for the maximisation of the amount of harvestable stem cells. While maximising the amount of harvestable stem cells, this method prevents the embryos from possibly developing into healthy human beings. In labs, scientists are not creating actual humans. Because of this, the argument that this method of harvesting of stem cells prevents human life is wrong. The argument cannot be used. Because of this, there is no valid problem for the embryos and for any possible life.
As long as stem cell research is done freely, with no forced actions and complete understanding of risks, there are no problems with stem cell research.

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