Essay on The Treatment Of The Patient

Essay on The Treatment Of The Patient

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The patient is a 24 year old Caucasian female. She identifies as cisgender and as a heterosexual patient. She reports that she has never had any sexual trauma, nor has she ever been pregnant. This patient has been experiencing intense abdominal pain for more than ten years and has been seeing different medical specialists for most of that time. The patient has never received a diagnosis and states that she has often been told that the pain is either something she has invented for attention or that there is a sexual trauma she is not being honest about (Peabody, 2015). This has led her to begin to use the internet to try to self-diagnose. At the present time, the patient believes her symptoms fit the description of endometriosis. Four months ago, she scheduled an appointment with a new physician, whose online biography says that the doctor specializes in endometriosis.
Last week, the patient was seen by that specialist. She says that she was feeling incredibly hopeful, especially because this doctor was identified through her insurance company as being an endometriosis expert, which the patient specifically sought out. Upon entering the doctor’s office, the patient says she sat for more than 45 minutes before being brought into an examination room (Kamnetz, Marquez, Aeschlimann, & Pandhi, 2015). The long wait caused her to feel some anxiety, which increased during her 60 minute wait in the exam room between the nurse’s taking her vitals and the doctor’s arrival (Kamnetz, Marquez, Aeschlimann, & Pandhi, 2015). When the patient tried to engage in small talk, the doctor remained quiet, which the patient says made her feel uneasy (Baker & Watson, 2015).
The doctor then asked the patient the reason for her visit and the patie...

... middle of paper ... can create barriers between the doctor and the patient, which can also lead to patients feeling unwilling to trust their doctor with truthful medical information, especially when the information feels embarrassing, which can lead to treatment issues (Baker & Watson, 2015). Overall, this patient requested the proper specialist, she arrived at the appointment on time, she was truthful on the intake paperwork and during the appointment, and she received such poor treatment that it has given her significant anxiety when faced with making future medical appointments (Baker & Watson, 2015). In addition, the patient was treated so disrespectfully that the doctor’s supervisors had to intervene and agree to not charge the patient for the visit (Peabody, 2015). This could have all been avoided with simple timeliness, bedside manner, and overall compassion by the doctor.

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