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The Treatment Of Prison System Essay

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To understand what classification is in the prison system, I feel we have to look at the history of it as well. In the 19th century classification was hardly used. It was mainly used to control the prison system populations. Things like age, gender and number of offenses were used to classify them. During the medical model years of the prison system, they used medical reason to classify inmates. This helped control the mentally ill from regular offenders. It wasn’t until recently that prison system started classifies inmates to better control the system and have a better impact on the inmate themselves. The “get tough on crime” years strained the prison system and its population. It caused overcrowding and increased the risk of violence in the prison system. Lawsuits and became common place for the states and a new approach was needed to classify inmates to better control the population. Today’s model is called the objective classification system. The system uses intensive analysis, diagnosis, and prognosis for each prisoner to classify their inmates. This system helps reduce the level of violence, escape attempt and suicides as well as assaults and other serous violent offence in the prison systems. (US department of Justice,2003) The presentence report provides a case manager or case worker with valuable information needed to classify an inmate. This report is broken down into several parts. The offense part list the brief history of the criminal offense, victim impact, obstruction of justice, acceptance of responsibility, level of computation and the offenders behavior. The second part deals with the offender’s criminal history. The third part list the offender’s characteristics. Part d lists the sentencing options, which inclu...

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... to determine whether an offender is allowed to return to his or hers community. The federal system requires their offender to serve their entire length of sentence behind bars with little option of early release. The states have changed the way they parole offenders over the last few years. Some states have lessened the supervision of their paroles while others have stiffened their control of paroles. The aggressive enforcement of parolees have led to those states having a higher number of parole violations and have increase the sending of offender back into the prison system. Some states have done away with the parole board all together and have just released their offender back into the community. The simple fact is parole is need for the justice system to function the way it does today. In 2003 there were 4.8 million offenders on some form of probation or

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