The Treatment Of Pregnant At Prison Essay

The Treatment Of Pregnant At Prison Essay

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Pregnant While in Prison
A topic I would like to write about would be the treatment that women who are pregnant while in prison receive. Although they are in prison there is still proper care that they need to ensure that they and the baby are healthy. There were things like they would be chained to the beds during doctor visits, they are not given proper vitamins or food. They make them wear belly chains which are something that is chained to their wrist, around their stomach and then to their feet. I feel that people should take the time to learn about it and draw attention to the situation so people can do something to help.
When you are carrying a child it is your job to ensure that your child is going to be healthy, receive love, be surrounded by caring individuals, and a bright future. Which will require a lot of effort, but in the end you’ll be rewarded with a happy child that will do their best to make you happy. But what if you don’t have the option of caring for your child, or even holding your child. Women who are in prison are not allowed to hold their child after birth, they are not allowed to breastfeed and many don’t have the option to raise them. If a mother 's sentence is over two years her child is automatically given up for adoption or given to a close relative. . In according to an article by Emily Kaiser titled “Many describe the experience as the most painful part of inmate birth. Some states allow mothers to spend 48-hours with their newborn. To make the most of their time together, new mothers are encouraged to make skin-to-skin contact and breastfeed as much as possible”
Women who are incarcerated face a lot of hardships and tribulations, many actually see inappreciable amount hope for the future because...

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... instance faculty who know how these women act on a regular basis may feel that they don’t deserve privileges. Also in an institution, there are many rules and guidelines that need to be followed that would cause many defaults.
“A little common sense and compassion can go a long way toward increasing the chances of a productive future for these kids. They won’t all grow up to be television stars like Leighton Meester, but their first steps will be guided by a mother’s loving hand”(Takepart Media). When you’re born you don’t make the decision on what you’re going to be and what life you’re given. But you can be given the proper treatment, care and love to ensure a better life. These women deserve everything that every other women receives while pregnant. They deserve love, attention and proper care to not only have a healthier life but a healthy life for their child.

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