Treatment Of Hillary Clinton : The Problem Of Gender Inequality Essay examples

Treatment Of Hillary Clinton : The Problem Of Gender Inequality Essay examples

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War on women! You have heard that phrase uttered before. Yes, most liberals believe the GOP have been waging war on women for years now. There are numerous reasons for that and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, in particular, you do not need me to list those reasons. The GOP, of course, denies that with equally numerous reasons why they don’t believe that’s the case. But before you dismiss this as another silly ideological piece, I urge you to hear me out. The unequal treatment of women is far more widespread than a simple ideological squabble between liberals and conservatives. It’s a problem that cuts across all classes of our society.
Take the case of a Democratic Presidential front-runner, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was a victim of her husband and former president, Bill Clinton’s marital infidelity. Traditionally, the spouse of a cheating partner is accorded the sympathies and understanding as the aggrieved one. But in the case of Hillary, this has not been the case. Dating back to 1991 when the news of Bill Clinton’s philandering started to make its way to mainstream media, the public, aided by Republican witch-hunt efforts has bought into the idea that even though she was the one he cheated on, she does not deserve such sympathies or understanding as does others. They claim she is too ambitious, too aggressive and not feminine enough.
While we suffered through the shaming of her and a host of other right-wing generated conspiracies throughout Bill Clinton’s administration, the general public was able to put things in perspectives, by ignoring the amorous titillation of the stories by sticking to real issues of concern...

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...make it possible or “enable” their spouse to cheat on them? This does not make any sense at all unless of course, you are a hyper-partisan member of the Republican Party and a Donald Trump follower.
But this problem is not limited to conservatives in the Republican Party. The Democratic left, specifically, Bernie Sanders’ hyperactive and violence prone followers are doing the same thing. All of Sanders’ criticism against Hillary Clinton were in place during Obama’s two successful presidential runs with and no one complained about them. Why the double standard even among these self-professed progressives? We all like to think we have progressed to the point where the problems of yesterday no longer apply to today. But the facts remain that women are still judged harshly and with a different standard than men in today’s America. That’s a food for thought for all of us.

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