The Treatment Of Animal Assisted Therapy Essay

The Treatment Of Animal Assisted Therapy Essay

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Animal-Assisted Therapy is becoming increasingly popular involved in children 's therapies. "Research over the past 30 years indicates that therapy dogs may offer physiological, emotional, social, and physical support for children" (Friesen). Domestic pet has been assisting their owners in many of the same ways since the beginning of time. We are just now thinking about introducing this into improving therapy strategies. When animals are involved they tend to help relax numerous people, help children learn in a different view and help them focus and behave during routine classes or therapies. There are many benefits of Animal-Assisted therapies, such as faster recovery time after pediatric surgeries, improving speech, easing anxiety, and improving the quality of life for many people.
Florence Nightingale founded some of the therapeutic potential with animals, back in the early 1800 's while working at a psychiatric institution. She would bring in small dogs to visit her patients, and it seemed to assist countless children and adults with anxiety and used it as a way for them calm down. Sigmund Freud was one of the first people to experiment with Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) in the 1930 's. He believed that his dog Jofi could give him a sign whether the patient was tense or not. If Jofi was near the patient they were rather relaxed, but if Jofi moved to the other side of the room the patient was more tense.
In numberless event such as therapy, doctors appointments, and surgeries children get anxious and alarmed, when the presents of the dog is around it lowers the anxiety. They create a bond with the dog that is non-judgmental, and accepting, so the child feels more relaxed and can focus on whatever they are doing. This can...

... middle of paper ... that the animals are being hurt or neglected in some way. Maybe the animals are being asked to work longer than they want to or they are not given water during their sessions. Which could result in the animal getting dehydrated or anxious themselves. There were no invasive interventions or drug experimentations done to any of these animals during these studies. Many animals are aware when someone is not feeling well or in pain and they tend draw towards their owners or people they are around to try to comfort them.
As Animal Assisted becomes more known it is more wide spread and benefits are increasing as research persists. Many psychiatrists and psychologists are even prescribing getting a pet to help the patient relax, be less anxious, and have a over all better mood. Animals are helping people everywhere, and they help each other feel loved, and appreciated.

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