Treatment Intervention Used By Mental Health Clinicians Essay

Treatment Intervention Used By Mental Health Clinicians Essay

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Group therapy has become a widely used treatment intervention used by mental health clinicians. Anxiety Disorders is a disorder that has greatly impacted society. Cognitive behavior group therapy has been proved by research to be an appropriate treatment intervention. This paper is an analysis of an article that suggests that cognitive behavior therapy is effective in groups to treat people who suffer from several types of anxiety disorders. Wolgensinger (2015), introduces research in her article, Cognitive behavioral group therapy for anxiety, that states that CBT groups are effective for treatment and prevention of anxiety disorders.
Anxiety Disorder and Cognitive Behavior Group Therapy
Anxiety disorder affects many people. It affects how we feel and behave, having a serious impact on daily life. Anxiety disorder is classified as several disorders from panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, persistent worrying, or and debilitating phobia which leads to disturbance in behavior.
These disorders affect how we feel and behave, and they can manifest into physical symptoms which can be extremely debilitating, having a serious impact on daily life. Anxiety disorder occurs with other mental disorders such as substance abuse, and personality and mood disorder.
Anxiety disorder has three components: cognitive, behavioral and psychological. As a result of anxiety difference, I have learned that several options may be used as treatment methods to understand and manage each component of anxiety. An individual should be given a treatment plan with goals to treat anxiety. The treatment plan should be occasionally revisited in order to tailor the treatment plan to effectively meet the client’s needs, characteristics and an...

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... that was designed to help therapists who wanted to establish CBT groups. Although transdiagnostic treatment was proven to be effective by a random clinical trial by Erickson, it continues to be studied. Wolgensiger (2015), suggests that there should be more research done for a better understanding of CBT group programs.
In conclusion, CBT group therapy has proven to be effective in treating and preventing anxiety. Group models have demonstrated to better clinical efficiency and easier access to an acceptable form of treatment. Group therapy provides clients with the benefit to connect with others who share similar challenges. This is a treatment invention that I would integrate into my counseling practice. However, it critical that I take into consideration of existing influential factors that may be a hindrance to positive group outcomes.

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