Treatment Based On The Face And Ethnicity Of Patients Essay

Treatment Based On The Face And Ethnicity Of Patients Essay

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Another large factor that should be considered is that on treatment based on the face and ethnicity of patients. There is a lot of research and documentation that shows the disparities in treatment among minority groups in this country. The Institute of Medicine put out a report in 2003 that recognized that minorities in this country overall receive lower quality of care than nonminorities (Mullner, 2009). This report also “found evidence that stereotyping, biases, and uncertainty on the part of healthcare providers can all contribute to unequal treatment” (Smedley, Stith, Nelson & Institute of Medicine, 2003).
One of the most important things for anyone in the healthcare field to learn is the importance of being culturally competent. It is very important to know who your patient it and where they come from and what their background it. There are a lot of cultural factors that come into play when healthcare and treatment are the issue. There are some cultures that may not even allow their sick to see a doctor never mind seek treatment. If physicians and their staff are not able to connect with patients on this level there is a serious risk that a quality, generative relationship will not form.
These are all major barriers that exist when talking about the patient having a quality and beneficial relationship with their clinical microsystem. But where there are barriers, solutions exist. Education is a solution that would work as part of a plan to fix any of these three barriers. Patients who have poor self-care management of their illness need to be educated about the importance of keeping up with treatment and managing their symptoms. Good self-care measures can “delay disease progression, improve clinical outcomes ...

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...s, current and former, to answer. By doing so the clinical microsystem can gather a large pool of data from former and current patients to see what improvements can be made in the way of patient satisfaction.
Finally no clinical microsystem wants to be in the red. All businesses are in business to make money. The cost to patients for treatment of DVT is astronomical these days and even more so now that Medicare doesn’t pay for certain preventable hospital acquired conditions. Back in 2008 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services selected 10 categories that they would not pay for because they are “high cost/high volume, resulted in higher payment when dx is presented as secondary diagnosis and that the condition could have been reasonably prevented through the application of evidence based guidelines (CMS, 2008). DVT happens to be one of these conditions.

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