Essay Treatment Approaches The Clinician Can Use When Treating Sam

Essay Treatment Approaches The Clinician Can Use When Treating Sam

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Treatment Approaches
There are many different treatment approaches the clinician can use when treating Sam. One treatment approach is the traditional motor approach. This approach treats each sound error individually. It is typically used to treat clients with an articulation-based disorder, but it can also be used to treat clients with a phonemic based disorder (Waengler, 2015, p. 243). When using the traditional motor approach a clinician uses a hierarchy. First, the clinician uses auditory discrimination to make sure the client can identify the specific sound sound. Next, the clinician works on the sound in isolation. Following this, the clinician works on the sound in syllables. For example, the clinician could simply add a vowel after the target sound or before the target sound. After this, the clinician works on the sound in words. The sound can be in the initial, medial or final position of the word. Then, the clinician works on carrier phrases with the client. The clinician might have the child say “I want the” before every word with the target sound, only the word changes from sentence from sentence. Next, the word is used in varying sentence. The last level of the hierarchy is to use the sound in connected speech (Bowen, "Traditional Articulation Therapy," n.d). This approach can be used when treating Sam because Sam has many articulation errors. To use this approach the clinician would pick a single error and follow the hierarchy.
Another treatment approach is phonological intervention. The phonological approach focuses on the client’s phonology as an integrated system consisting of the inventory and distribution of speech sounds, the syllable shapes and phonemic contrasts and the error patterns displayed. This appr...

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...approach focuses on single errors its impact on overall intelligibility is limited. Using the phonological approach with Sam can help to increase his overall intelligibility (Lousada , 2014, pp. 584-601).
A study by Klein, compared the efficacy of the phonological approach to the traditional articulation approach in children with multiple articulation errors. This study found that children who received treatment using the phonological approach showed significantly greater improvements in significantly shorter period of time than children who received treatment using the traditional articulation approach. It was shown that the phonological approach was more effective and efficient than the traditional articulation approach. Using the phonological approach with Sam will help him to make the greatest improvements in the least amount of time (Klein, 1996, pp. 314-321).

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