Essay Treatment And Treatment Of Terminally Ill Patients

Essay Treatment And Treatment Of Terminally Ill Patients

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Even though many dispute over the value and usefulness of treatment and care of terminally ill patients, the debate for the most useful care and pain reliever for these patients is the question that most patients, and their families, have to ask themselves daily. Wesley J. Smith suggests that Hospice care for patients with such a horrible illness is a beneficial program and that many patients need to utilize it. Smith also recommends that a valuable care option would be to “allow the terminally ill to enter hospice care without having to give up life-extending or curative treatments”. (Smith 3) With this statement, Smith demonstrates a way that these ill patients can be provided with treatment and also care for the patient’s quality of life. Angela Morrow declares that there are many disadvantages and unbeneficial factors of Hospice Care. Morrow shows this by stating, “One potentially significant disadvantage of choosing hospice care might arise because of the restrictions placed on the various aspects of treatment.” (Morrow 7) Utilizing this statement, Morrow faults Hospice by pointing out restrictions such as participating in experimental treatment or trials is not allowed, the discouragement of hospitalization, and frequent denial of the usage of diagnostic tests. The debate over the effectiveness of Hospice care and treatment demonstrates that there are many different viewpoints on this care option. Hospice Care refers to the focus on quality of care and life rather than treatment and curative options for someone and their disease. This type of care includes not only the patient, but also their family and physician. Dame Cicely Saunders states, “You matter because of who you are. You matter to the last moment of your life, and...

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...spice Care decrease the benefit of the program to terminally ill patients?By pointing out and defining the terms and understanding the interpretation of both of the opposing sides of Hospice Care, the debate grows stronger and is made more clear to the reader. Defining the key terms allows the reader to be better educated on what exactly the author is arguing and stating. After giving description of terms on both sides of the argument, over whether or not Hospice Care is beneficial to a patient with a terminal illness, the reader can begin to understand and analyze the benefits and the faults of the program to make a conclusion on the debate. The reaction of the benefits and damage of Hospice reflects that many people, such as the patients and their loved ones, have to go through hard times and make many difficult decisions based on their specific state and illness.

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