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Treasure Mangrove Habitats Essay

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In the group mini project, I have focused on the “mangrove” part. I would like to have a in-depth study on the adaptations and ecological values of mangrove. Also, I will mention the conservation of those treasure mangrove habitat from different stakeholders.

Of the recognized 110 mangrove plant species, about 8 species of ‘true mangrove’ found in Hong Kong. They form mangroves which are unique wetland ecosystem. Mangrove plants are distributed in tropical and subtropical region and commonly found in brackish water which includes inter-tidal river estuaries and sheltered coasts. In addition to high salinity of the water, the substratum is unstable due to the tidal movement , which makes the plants difficult to establish. They also need to face the anaerobic condition when their roots are submerged during high tide, as well as the dry and hot environment when the soil is exposed to air and the sun during low tide. In order to adapt this special environment, all these plants develop different structures and physiological mechanisms.

Mangroves are widely distributed in the northwestern New Territories, Sai Kung, Tolo Harbour and along the coast of Lantau Island. The largest patch of mangrove in Hong Kong is the Mei Po Inner Deer Bay Ramsar Site.

Adaptations of mangrove

1.Salinity stress

The salinity of soil is high due to long time exposure with sea water. This affects the growth of plants.

1.1 Salt glands
Salt is excreted through the salt glands on leaf surface.

1.2 Salt accumulation
Salt is accumulated and stored in the old leaves and it is removed once the leaves shed.

1.3 Excluding sakt
Salt is excluded and prevented from entering the root by an active pump mechanism

2.Unstable substratum
Due to th...

... middle of paper ... and reduce water pollution. Through the metabolism of microorganisms, soil surface absorption, chemical sedimentation and plant digestion, the amount of suspended particles, elements including nitrogen and phosphorous, metals as well as chemical oxygen demand in water can be lowered.

Conservation of mangrove
1. Avoid reclamation and infra-structural developments near the mangrove habitat.
2. Promote public awareness, eg develop educational programmes, encourage scientific research and study tours

Points on ‘dos’ and ‘don’t’s’ when Observing mangrove
1. Avoid tramping on the roots of mangrove plants and their seedlings.
2. Do not dig-up the sand and mud.
3. Do not disturb wildlife and pick away mangrove plants

In conclusion, we must do our utmost to treasure and protect mangroves, so that we can continue to use these precious wetland resources.

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