The Treacherous Murder of Frozen Fritz Essay

The Treacherous Murder of Frozen Fritz Essay

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Frozen Fritz, Iceman, Oetzi the Iceman or just Oetzi (so called after the Oetztal Alps, the place Fritz was found), whatever his name is, the ‘findings’ surrounding the mummy Fritz are occasionally so bizarre that I am always reminded of the wise sentence of Orson Welles: “Many would never speak with a full mouth, but do it with an empty head.”

If they had found common objects next to the mummy, one would have given little thought to the death of the man from the ice. But when bow and arrow appear, myths and legends are automatically generated.

Moreover, they do not find an end to the wild speculations about Fritz, who walked around in the border region between North- and South Tyrol some 5000 years ago.

His well-preserved mummy was discovered on September 19, 1991, by the German couple and mountain hikers Erika and Helmut Simon.

Four days later, on September 23, 1991, his body was retrieved. When it came to light that this was a scientific world sensation, many other people appeared on the scene. All claimed to have found him first and wanted to become part of world history as first discoverers.

Two of those who have forwarded such a claim, had been a woman from Slovenia and another one from Switzerland. They wanted to make people believe that they had discovered a dead body and left it lie around, without ever breathing a word about it, and only after the entire matter proved to be a scientific sensation did they come up with their story.

The court of Bolzano, South Tyrol, found this completely implausible and awarded the first discovery to the German couple.

The Slovenian-Swiss Alpine girls had actually been very lucky. Fritz was found in such a good condition that they could have been sued for non-...

... middle of paper ...

...the front, not taken the prey? Was he, or were they, also from his own tribe or was it the same murderer, at first the arrow and then the final blow with the club?

As the theories became contradictory, the scientists have brought forward the – non-fatal – attack with the club by 24 hours and protected their story about a deadly arrow shot from behind. They ‘determined’ that Fritz stood upright and was looking in the direction of South Tyrol. He did not turn around to North Tyrol when he was hit, which would have been a likely reaction, after an injury of the shoulder by an arrow, coming from that direction. He must have been still alive, if the club was used 24 hours before – and the arrow shot was certainly not causing an immediate death.

Once more, they have been at their wit’s end. No traces of blood had been found that could be associated with a fight.

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