Traveling to the Trevi Fountain Essay

Traveling to the Trevi Fountain Essay

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Many places have something different and unique about them. Every place you visit you remember something that stood out against everything else. There is always a smell that can be associated with a particular place. The things a person hears can be different but sometimes they can seem familiar to a person. The food that is tasted can be a unique experience to a person. So, therefore I will now go in to detail about an experience in Italy.
The Trevi Fountain is an extraordinary site to see. The fountain is built in marble coming out of the side of a building. There are five figures included in the fountain. The first one stands off to the right of the fountain, while looking towards the center of the fountain. The second figure is almost directly in the middle. This figure stands with his left hand one his hip and the right hand pointing into the water of the fountain. The third figure stands off to left. He holds a spear in his left hand, with his head turned facing the right towards the center of the fountain. The fourth figure is also on the right a little bit below th...

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