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Traveling in the Amazon is the dream of millions of people from around the world, and the book you hold in your hands will help you accomplish the easier, happier and more affordable trip than you had taken in your life.
Obviously, there are still many people when referring to the Amazons; they immediately relate it with nightmares and wild adventure full of adrenaline with piranhas, anacondas and other species unknown to us. However, modern advances on technology have brought the Amazons closer to you, and the days connecting the Amazons trips to horror movies were left behind.
Today and right now, you can conveniently catch a flight from anywhere in the world and spend a couple of days in the Amazon rainforest. As well, you would make a longer journey, as I did, from the beginning of the river in Peru through Colombia until the end of the river in the beautiful beaches of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. Throughout this journey, you will discover that the Amazon is full of brilliance and moments of magic that always make you feel very grateful for having given yourself the opportunity to enjoy this natural wonder. Consequently, I wrote this book to show you how to travel comfortably and happily while you make the most memorable trip of your lifetime.

Today the Amazon is available to all, and I promise that if you follow the recommendations in this book, you will be able to observe anacondas, piranhas and other species of great uniqueness that will make your trip an unforgettable experience that you will remember until the last days of your life.

As I describe in later chapters, after eradicating the fears and myths that I had on this trip, I took courage to finally make the trip to the Amazon River during ...

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...rtain seasons, usually around January-February you will find the most passionate surfers, riding the “Pororoca.” It is a wave of up to 5 meters high, ranging up to 700 miles inland upstream. Moreover, here, there is another world record breaking related to the Amazon, when Mr. Picuruta, a surfer from Brazil, rode the wave for more than 37 minutes, covering a distance of more than 7.8 mi in the presence of an official Guinness judge.

15. Did you say golf? Yes, you too can play golf in the Amazon, at the only club that will deliver a machete when you start your round of golf. This field is a difficult adventure of nine par 5s, and as you can imagine, in this field, birdies and eagles are not as important as the care of snakes hiding off the fairways, the alligators in the bunkers, or the piranhas lurking in the wells ... and please try to avoid the anacondas.

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