Travel And Trade Exposed The Cultures Essay

Travel And Trade Exposed The Cultures Essay

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Throughout history, people around the world have interacted with each other. People have explored the lands to see other people’s cultures all around the world. Trade has also played a major part in how cultures have interacted and learned from each other. This especially applied between the years 500 to 1500 AD. The world was doing a lot of trade during this period and because of this, cultures were mixing together and gaining pieces from one another. One way or another the cultures, during the time, were getting an idea of the world around them. Travel and trade exposed the cultures, around the world, to one another and made it so that the cultures were able to expand their horizons with cross-cultural interaction. People were starting to see that cultures were very different from one another, but many cultures had some positives and some negatives.
Through the sources, one can see that a lot of travel occurred between 500 and 1500 AD. Many people were traveling to new areas to explore and trade with other cultures than their own. A great example of the fact that people were learning about the world around them is the Waldseemuller Map. The Waldseemuller Map is a map originally produced in 1507 by Martin Waldseemuller who was a German. The map shows what land, at the time, was known by the Europeans and what they believed was the layout from exploring and having knowledge of the land masses. The map landmasses are actually pretty accurate and even shows some of the Americas. The Waldseemuller Map shows that the Europeans had a general idea of the land around them through traveling to different areas.
Another good example of how people traveled during the time is The Travels of Marco Polo. Marco Polo first published The Travels...

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...onic creatures. This shows that the European culture, at the time, did not respect Islam by having their religious figure being tortured in the painting. When looking at the painting, the viewer must realize that the European culture most likely played a part in how Islam was viewed. The viewer must question how accurate the painting is depicting the Islam religion because it was done by someone, outside of the religion, who did not think highly of the religion and considered Muhammad a false prophet. This is very different from sources such as the Great Mosque of Jenne in Africa. The Great Mosque of Jenne actually implies that the West African cultures were more receptive to the idea of Islam, instead of just ignoring the religion and trying to actually prove it false. The African’s were open to the idea of the religion while the European’s did not believe it true.

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