Travel and Tourism Industry: Environmentally Responsible Behavior Essay

Travel and Tourism Industry: Environmentally Responsible Behavior Essay

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In travel and tourism industry, the focus on the environmentally responsible behaviour has grown dramatically over the years from hardly being talked about to has been a major concern (Gustin & Weaver, 1996). Deterioration of the environment happened from the growth of the global economy, over consumption and utilization of natural resources. Everyone in the world faces great challenges from the climate changes that have occurring now dues to the human-induced greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel combustion. From the climate changes, it can cause severe negative outcomes such as increase temperature, rising in sea levels, increased in the pollution in air and water, loss of animal and plant habitat, oceans circulation disruption, and extremes weather conditions which severely harms output and productivity (Rezai, Teng, Mohamed & Shamsudin, 2013).
Nowadays, within the travel and tourism arena, the potential impacts of such growth on the environment, together with the factor such as global climate have become especially hot topic. Particularly, much attention recently has been received in hotels, as to their awareness of the negative impact that may have growing on the environment (Kasim, 2004). The massive amount of the laundry on daily basis, use of the disposable products, housekeeping using the strong cleaning products, the heated swimming pool water are the negative impacts from the hotels operation (Gustin & Weaver, 1996). In aware of these impacts, the hotel has voluntarily begun to change their practices which not only benefits the environment, but also the hotels. The hotels can save their money and receive a great positive publicity by promotes the environmental practices they incorporate in their business (Gustin & We...

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...r are becoming more aware of sustainability practice (Bricker, Sarnoff, & Schultz, 2009) and according to United Nations World Tourism Organization: Tourism 2020 vision (2009), tourists are starting to avoid destinations with the bad environmental records and vacation destination with less popular that are faces economics losses (Huffadine, 2007). Issues arise from this study is that the experiences that the guest incurred during their stay at green hotel cannot be compromise although the guest does care about environment (Steve, 2009). Other than that, the significant gap lies between consumer’s attitudes towards “green” initiatives in the hospitality industry and their actual behaviour is also an issues incurred (Sookhan, 2009). Thus, in order to penetrates through the customer mind about the green hotel practices, the study of their perception are been done.

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