Travel Agent As My Occupation Essay

Travel Agent As My Occupation Essay

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I chose Travel Agent as my occupation because I have been fortunate enough to travel to France to visit family since I was young. I formed a love for French culture, language and cuisine. I want to be a travel agent because it will give me the chance to pass on my knowledge and interest in France and Europe. It will also give me a chance to be creative with the itineraries I put together. I like that a travel agent is trained to know how and where to find the best deals for their clients. Agents ask for client preferences and needs and they do the best with what you give them. I also would like to help clients when they 're not sure where they want to go. I would also enjoy having the chance to go to destinations observing the lodging, restaurants, entertainment activities and transportation. Furthermore, I want to offer clients hospitality and patience. If an issue were to arise I would be empathetic and fair. I would also like to sell ecotourism packages because environmental conservation helps improve the well-being of local residents. Those destinations can be found in developing countries with plentiful flora and fauna. Places such as deserts, tropical rain forests, coral reefs and ice glaciers are prime locations. I wouldn’t just want to sell leisure and business travel, I want them to come back with knowledge and experience about certain areas and inhabitants.
A travel agent is a skilled professional who helps individuals, groups and or organizations plan and execute travel. A travel agent gathers client information and based on his or her industry knowledge, skills and professional experience. They recommend how best to handle travel demands. I interviewed Dee Starkovich, who is the owner and manager of Exclusive Travel ...

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...One of the good moments is "when a customer comes back from a trip and they tell her she hit a home run. All of the wonderful relationships I have and the people I get to know, and a big reward is when I get someone to refer me."As I kept researching I found long term occupational projections for travel agents in the United States employment of travel agents is projected to decline 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, also an increasing amount of travel is excepted to be booked on mobile devices. However a sheer number of travel websites can be pure frustration if you don’t know what you are looking for. a person could unknowingly miss a good deal, where a travel agent would instantly know how and where to book. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts this would lead to an increasing number of people turning to travel agents for their personal recommendations and options.

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