Essay on Trauma Therapy from a Different Perspective

Essay on Trauma Therapy from a Different Perspective

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Carl Rogers developed the person-centered theory of personality which states that all people strive to realize their full potential. People’s desire to fulfill their full potential according to Rogers, is the primary motive of humans. Based on this theory Rogers also developed a new method of therapy that was nondirective and focused on the client as a person and their own ability to work through their psychological barriers in a conducive and supportive environment. This method is called client-centered therapy (CCT). Alexandra Payne, Helen Liebling-Kalifani and Stephen Joesph in their article “Client-centered Group Therapy for Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma: A Pilot Investigation” (2007) explains how Roger’s person centered theory is useful in understanding post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the use of CCT as a treatment in group settings. Payne et al.’s (2007) study reveals that the person-centered theory generates research and that approaching PTSD in this way expands an individual’s view of person-centered theory. Despite the lack of research using CCT as a therapeutic method to treat PTSD and the issues in the study regarding sample size, the application of Roger’s theory is a useful tool for therapists.
Payne et al. (2007) contend that although CCT has not been widely used or studied in literature pertaining to therapy for individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder that it can be a useful tool therapy tool (p.100). The authors determined CCT can be helpful to PTSD sufferers due to its basis on Roger’s person-centered theory. Payne et al. (2007) note that like other modes of therapy, CCT identifies the need for “some form of exposure” but does so without using “exposure-based exercises” unlike c...

... middle of paper ... therapy are still useful today and are not lost to modern psychology. The study conducted by Payne et al. (2007) shows that Rogers’ theory and therapy methods can be used to understand and treat such disorders as post-traumatic stress disorder. Viewing PTSD through a Rogerian view can also expand readers understanding of the person-centered theory and its ability to be applied to many different medical problems despite refusing to label individuals. Although, there is a lack of research regarding CCT and alleviating PTSD symptoms this article is a great aid to therapists seeking a nondirective approach and can be an inspiration for future research.

Works Cited

Payne, A., Liebling-Kalifani, H., & Joseph, S. (2007). Client-centered group therapy for survivors of interpersonal trauma: A pilot investigation. Counselling & Psychotherapy Research, 7(2), 100-105.

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