The Trauma and Learning Policy Initative Essay

The Trauma and Learning Policy Initative Essay

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This article sparked my interest because it involved Angelo Elementary School in Brockton Ma, which is right next to my town and also where I student taught with a friend of the family. The guidance counselor there told me heartbreaking stories of the children and what types of issues they face. She told me about the programs to help the students emotionally as well as other areas. This article revolves around this program called the Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative that’s goal is to change the school environment for the students who face adversity everyday so they can come to school and feel safe, secure, and learn coping skills. Instead of regular “old school” discipline, teachers are taught how to react to misbehavior in a way that considers the child’s situation and emotional needs. They provide options such as calming down on a beanbag chair, going to get the mail, or water. It is not to distract them from the lesson or their work but rather gives the students the opportunity to learn to calm down, and come back to the classroom mental and physically focused. The break seems to improve their minds as like a refresh button to allow for concentration. The new way of the classroom seems to be working, when in the class with the kids they seemed happy to be in school where their teachers care and took interest in them.
2: YouTube Video: “GoldieBlox, Rube Goldberg, & Beastie Boys "Princess Machine" (a concert for little girls)”
This video was adorable as well as informative because it gave a strong statement to young girls. It was similar to a musical or a play of girls playing against the stereotypes by using their brains to create an engineer’s masterpiece as a source of fun during playtime. The goal of it was to give in...

... middle of paper ... a difference in this world. The heroism and courage I saw in people was truly inspirational. I really thought of how blessed I am for all the privileges I have and that I should do what I can to support those who struggle. Whether it is small things scattered throughout my life or a huge impact does not matter. I want to move forward and once I am a teacher I want to improve the lives of my students. This class will help me in the future by giving me the insight into the lives of my students and help the reach their full potential.

Class Discussions:
The discussion regarding Half the Sky totally had my undivided attention. I was in disgust about the situations women and girls are going through or have survived around the world. This was my first time I heard and learned about genital mutilation. Though it was painful to listen to, I am glad I know about it.

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