Transracial Adoption: It's Multi-Categorical Controversies in Society Essay

Transracial Adoption: It's Multi-Categorical Controversies in Society Essay

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Transracial Adoption:
It's Multi-Categorical Controversies in Society
There are many people in this world who have been adopted and there has always been controversy as to the ethnicity of the family adopting and the adoptee and what exactly should be done about the process of picking out a family for the young child. Many people argue that as long as the child is being adopted into a loving, caring, nurturing home that ethnicity should have no contributing factor while choosing families. However, I believe the exact opposite. Ethnicity should always be taken into consideration when looking for a home to place a child into then you can take into consideration of reliability and possibly even socioeconomic status. There are many controversies that are involved when adopting, from baby-selling and buying from the price of one child to another, and even how children of bi-racial backgrounds come into contact with identity issues same as how adopted children do. When placing a child of a different race into a home of another, you are faced with decisions as to when to tell the child they are adopted, if they haven't begun to notice already, what to do about incorporating their culture into your everyday life, and what to do about their psychological development as they go through life eventually emerging into adulthood.
To begin, there are many controversies about adoption in general, no matter the race. Many people thought of it as being “Baby-selling” or “Baby-Buying” when in fact it's not. An adopter may find the price for a child, within our nation or internationally, absurdly high. Many adopter may not even know where or who the money is going to. Baby-Buying and Baby-selling is in fact illegal in the United States, western na...

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