Transportation Security Administration ( Tsa ) Essay

Transportation Security Administration ( Tsa ) Essay

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Did you know that approximately 1.8 million people go through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) each day? Looking at the information on the impact of 9/11 to an airport is amazing. When you use to be able to practically carry anything that you wanted to such as a drink, but because of this many new guidelines have raised to the surface.
Airports are not the most exciting place to be going into in today’s society. When thinking about how security was before 9/11 you could practically go all the way to the gate with someone without a ticket. Also the only piece of equipment that was required when going through so called Transportation Security Administration was a metal detector. Nico Melendez, a TSA Spokesperson said, "We didn 't have pilots with guns in the cockpit as we do today."(Melendez, 2.) When hearing this from someone who has worked for the company of TSA, this makes you kind of wonder if that is all true. I honestly do not believe that every flight that I get on has a gun in the cockpit. It has become ridiculous for an airplane pilot to even have to put up ...

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