Transportation Security Administration: Airport Protection Essay

Transportation Security Administration: Airport Protection Essay

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A major plane crash can change hundreds of lives. If the U.S. government was not monitoring airport security, not checking bags and or passengers, then it would have allowed many dangerous people to board an airplane. The 21st century is on high alert for passenger safety because if a terrorist boards a plane it can truly be a devastating situation. Airport security is important for the safety of passengers. Risks are associated with flying; in order to assure safety, passengers need to receive full body screening. Some anti supporters say that this is not necessary and it can cause health problems. Although passengers do not like the security, airport security serves an important role for the safety of passengers and the safety of everyone.
The TSA has made many expensive improvements to make air travel safer. After 911 incident, airport security had to do something immediately. Instead of airports having private security, the US government made a government position called the TSA. The post 911 security job was a big investment for the United States. The TSA "spent $1.1 trillion dollars after 9/11 for the improvement of security" (Mann). This money was spent toward hiring employees and new technology for screening passengers and also the passengers bags. This was a significant investment for airport security that will make sure everyone has safe travels.
Airport security is on constant alert for passengers safety and protection. TSA take precautions and have many procedures and levels of procedures for passengers protection. TSA have two levels of threats: elevated threat and imminent threat. Items that can be potentially dangerous on a plane is what airport screeners look for. Ways that security officers use to find the sc...

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Overall, airport security serves an important role for the safety of passengers and the safety of everyone. Security is important for many passengers that fly, because getting on a plane with unwanted item scan be a devastating situation. Although some people do not like to go through the check point, it is important for security to be at airports. After 911, security has been on high alert for unwanted items and people so that flights can fly out safely with no problem. With all these techniques security uses, this ensures passengers that the flight TSA are about to board will be safe. Even with a health risk in hand when going through the new technology, this new technology makes checking for threats easier for security to find. Security is important for a traveler; this guaranties that the flight that the traveler will get on is a safe and secure flight.

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