Transportation Flow And Blood Flow Essay

Transportation Flow And Blood Flow Essay

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Transportation Flow Compares to Blood Flow
Growing up in Houston, Texas I found getting around town with good transportation was important. In 1981 I remember my grandpa saying “If the traffic is a fuss, Get on the bus” and I wasn’t about to ride my bike or get on another Metro bus again. I had my first vehicle in 1981 and it was a 1981 red and white Ford pickup truck. My days of seeing the world and traveling the highways had begun, little did I know I would use every means of travel over the next 30 years to see the world. Traveling was in my blood, by land, air, or sea; I had to do it all.
My initial eye opener to the flow of traffic was during my senior high school graduation trip to Galveston, Texas. Adrenalin, excitement, and frustration were all around me, and it was in the numerous vehicles passing me by on Interstate 45 traveling south. Other seniors had the same idea as I, which was head to the beach for the weekend and baste in our accomplishments of the past twelve year’s school. With the estimated population in Harris County in 1981 at 2,546,583 according to the...

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