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It is important to understand the transport geography between two different types of cities in order to examine patterns of transportation mobility. Transport geography is a type of urban geography that seeks to explain the movement from one area to another in order to access different provisions. The two types of cities that are considered for transport analysis are a global city and an ‘Airport City’. A global city in this context is ‘underpinned by measuring and inter-relating criteria such as the scale of the urbanized area, labour productivity and research clustering in connection with the level of connectivity of air traffic’ Boshken (as cited in Knippenberger 2010). While an airport city is a settlement having a primary function to serve as a mode of transport via an aeroplane from one place to another and also ‘exhibit major business enterprises with spatial implications that extend deep into metropolitan areas’ (Freestone 2009,161-162). This essay pinpoints the similarities and differences in transport and infrastructure by using specific examples of New York’s Central Business District (CBD) and Copenhagen as an ‘Airport City’ to understand how transportation mobility impacts the production of logistics activity.

Similarities exist between a global city’s CBD and an airport city in terms of transportation and infrastructure. Firstly, both types of cities are in close proximity to sea and air ports. A global city and an airport city’s propinquity to the two ports mentioned, correlates with the level of logistic activities that both cities experience. Logistic activities serve to increase production of intermodal freight activities in special purpose zones such as sea and air ports for the ease of transferring goods and s...

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